Thursday, February 19, 2009

TV shows only I would watch

A particular joy of working where I do is that you learn something new every day.

Today I learned that Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, and two guys in the House of Representatives are roommates when Congress is in session.

I've previously told you about the Supreme Court's very similar arrangement back at the dawn of the 19th Century, and how cohousing SCOTUS would have made the best season of The Real World ever. Now I think it might have some competition. Okay, the partisan squabbling would probably be less brazen given that they're all pretty liberal, but guys, Durbin yelling at everybody for the zillionth time to pay him back for that Costco trip in 1996? Killing rats with a golf club? This could be the highest rated program ever to air on C-SPAN.

Possibly the best line in the whole article: "So we found Chuck [Schumer] living in a basement somewhere."


Tj said...

As much as I loathe reality television, this is a show I would watch; especially if they put Kucinich and Ron Paul in the same room. Talk about The Odd Couple (even though you know they'd be friends in the end)! Anyway, I just found your site and really enjoy it. Why don't you come check out mine?

Alternate Historian said...

Hi Jess
Thanks for including Today in Alternate History on your blog roll, I notice a couple of referrals in Google Analytics so to say thanks I have added your blog to my blog roll
Thanks for the recommendation!