Friday, April 11, 2008

The Other OTHER White Meat

History is Funny took a little unplanned vacation when the ol' day job intervened. Sorry about that. Hopefully we'll resume operations as usual soon.

In the meantime, today at work I learned more than anybody strictly needs to know about the pardoning of the Presidential turkey. Though the White House suggests this practice began with Truman, the Truman Library refutes this. Nobody seems to be sure where this tradition came from, though the photo gallery suggests it might have originated with JFK or Nixon.

Anyway, enjoy this image, from the Ford Library via the White House, of Gerald Ford introducing a live turkey to the frozen, dismembered corpse of one of its brethren. The turkey appears suitably horrified.

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Unknown said...

Did you see this picture where, before Bush could pardon the turkey, the turkey went for his crotch?